Benefits of choosing a Solutions, (rather than Technology), Provider

By Ciarán McCausland, Technical Director

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Trio consortium works with Irish Water to deliver major upgrade of Dublin Treatment Works

Celtic Anglian Water, Farrans & TES (FAcT3 Consortium) have secured the first of four major upgrade contracts to enhance the level of treatment [...] Read More

Achieving Emissions Targets: Challenges and Opportunities for the F&B industry in Ireland

By: Declan Maguire, Managing Director, Celtic Anglian Water and Alpheus Environmental

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5 reasons why the F&B industry are prioritising sustainability

Join our webinar on 27th August, at 11.00am, on ‘Sustainability in the Irish F&B industry: challenges and opportunities for achieving [...] Read More

5 reasons to help the F&B industry recycle more water

The F&B industry uses a significant amount of water. However, there’s little support and few incentives available to help businesses in this [...] Read More