SVP Annual Christmas Food Collection

Thank you to Clionadh Williams who organised the annual SVP food collection in Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) this Christmas 2018. This year she raised [...] Read More

The Green Schools Ambassadors Visit

The Green-Schools Ambassadors programme is aimed at secondary school students from all around Ireland.  The programme included a visit to the [...] Read More

Welcome to our new Process Engineer, Aoife Cullen

Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) are delighted to welcome our new Process Engineer, Aoife Cullen, to our Ringsend WwTW team. She joins us from the [...] Read More

Balanced diet is for your anaerobic digester is key!

As we all know check-ups at the doctor are key to understanding the health of our digestive system. Also, what food we consume and the rate at [...] Read More

5S Project in our CHP Building

Photos of our latest 5S Project in our CHP Building in Ringsend WwTW, hard to believe this building is over 15 years in operation! With the [...] Read More