Mission & Culture

Mission & Culture.

We recognise that water is our most precious natural resource. At Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) and Alpheus we are dedicated to protecting it.

As Ireland’s largest private water services operator our mission is to recycle waste water from diverse industrial and municipal sources to the very highest EU standards, and provide wholesome, clean drinking water to thousands of customers’ taps.

By deploying the most innovative world-class wastewater technology and systems and processes that enable continual improvement, we protect public health and the environment.

Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Solutions.

At CAW we constantly seek to create a better environment for our customers, our team, and the communities we serve.

In everything we do, we look beyond the satisfactory and constantly strive to find a better way – seeking opportunities to optimise design and process, and building circular economies into our projects.

That means a commitment to responsiveness, using less energy, converting more waste to energy and finding new and productive commercial uses for the material we process on behalf of those customers.

Commitment to Lean Processes.

Our innovative Lean approach and accredited management systems mean we have a proven track record in applying the principles of continual improvement to all aspects of our operations, from the safety of our people to the cost effective provision and operation of solutions for global leaders in manufacturing, leisure, transport, education and of course our municipal customers.

Our focus on Safety.

Safety Management Systems are at the heart of every aspect of our operations. Ongoing identification, control and risk minimization is built into every project we design, build or manage, providing our customers with complete confidence in our systems, processes and our people.