Management Systems

All the Services provided by Celtic Anglian Water are delivered in accordance with its Integrated Management System (IMS) based on the company’s accredited Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Standards.

Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) that is certified to ISO 9001: Quality Management System Standard; ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Standard; OHSAS 18001: Safety Management System Standard and ISO 50001: Energy Management Standard. These internationally recognised standards are independently audited and certified by National Standards Authority Ireland annually. CAW use the certified systems we have developed, through these standards, as part of our day-to-day operations to continually improve our operations and the service we provide to our customers.

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

CAW operates a comprehensive Quality Management system which ensures that business operations are as efficient as possible, productivity is maximised and best value and service is provided to the customer. Utilising Six Sigma techniques and a systematic approach, CAW continuously complete intricate analysis of our processes to identify and implement improvements where possible, effectively improving the service we provide to customers.

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ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

CAW operations are intrinsically connected with our environment. To this effect CAW are committed to minimising the impact our operations have on the environment. These commitments are integrated into our Environmental Management System through the monitoring of our environmental performance, implementation of continuous improvement system and associated action programmes.

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ISO 45001: Safety Management System

CAW is committed to providing a safe working environment that enables all our employees to develop their skills, abilities and experience with a view to providing excellent service to our customers. Our certified health and safety management system provides the framework to identify, control and minimize risks associated with our business operations. Our health and safety system commits us to clear measurable H&S objectives and the continual improvement of our performance which is monitored and reviewed through monthly top management meetings.

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ISO 50001: Energy Management System

CAW has developed and established a system to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency and consumption of our operations. This allows CAW to identify and remove any inefficiencies from our processes and to ensure maximum use of energy generated therefore providing the most cost effective service and value to our customers.

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Continuous Improvement Programme

CAW’s management systems have always embraced and further encouraged the concept of continuous improvement in order to deliver excellence to our customers. Initially developed on the basis of the ISO 9001 Quality Standard during the late nineties, our management systems were later integrated in the early 2000’s to effectively manage health and safety and environmental aspects of our business and were accredited to ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 in 2006. With the criticality of energy management increasing in more recent years, we have similarly integrated the management of production and consumption of energy within our systems achieving the ISO 50001 standard for our management system.