About Us

A leader in the provision of innovative water, wastewater and resource recycling solutions for the municipal, industrial and commercial water sectors in Ireland.

Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) is part of one of the UK’s largest water companies – Anglian Water, who provides water and recycling services to over 6 million customers in England. Operating for over 20 years in the Irish market we currently operate one of the Europe’s largest wastewater treatment plants, at which we currently treat over 50% of Ireland’s wastewater. CAW is a proven leader in the provision of innovative water, wastewater and resource recycling solutions for a range of sectors which include municipal, industrial and commercial industries in Ireland.

From design and engineering to construction, through to site operation and management, CAW has a proven track record in the provision of Lean water and wastewater solutions that increase efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and minimize operational cost for our customers.

An Anglian Water Subsidiary.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anglian Water Group, one of Europe’s  leading providers of water services, CAW draws on a wealth of experience in design, operation and management of private and public water assets across a diverse range of sectors.

Celtic Anglian Water and Alpheus.

Celtic Anglian Water and sister-company Alpheus Environmental are the contracting arm of the Anglian Water Group, and with their shared management and technical teams, have developed an innovative and unique offering in the municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors in both the UK and Ireland based on this experience.

Celtic Anglian Water and Alpheus have a wealth of management and technical experience from across all sectors with local teams based in both the UK and Ireland. Through assessing the needs of our customer at an early stage we will ensure the correct technical resources are applied to each individual customer opportunity.

Diverse Sectors Served.

Our customers include leading pharmaceutical, food and beverage, leisure, power and educational campuses, and of course some of the largest municipal water sites in the UK and Ireland.

Depth of Leadership and Resources.

CAW and Alpheus offer unrivalled breadth and depth of shared services and project delivery capability in water – both for major utilities and global industrial and commercial leaders.

All our customers benefit from engineering innovation and continuous improvement through the application of Lean methodologies and digital asset management.

Energy is often our customers’ highest input cost. As a business, we are committed to best practice in Quality, Energy and Environmental Management in order to maximize operational efficiency and resilience, while minimizing operating cost.