Engineering & Design

Through innovative engineering and design, combined with experience of integrating leading global technologies, we focus on driving operational efficiencies and long term asset value for our customers with a specific emphasis on the whole life costs of the solutions we propose.


Our engineering team is committed to finding a better solution for each and every one of our valued customers.

That means treating every project with due care and attention, working in partnership with the customer to understand the operational context, determine the optimal performance criteria and engineer solutions that deliver optimal performance with maximum efficiency and resilience and minimum environmental impact.

Whether the project is to remediate or upgrade an existing industrial wastewater facility, or end-to-end provision of a large municipal scheme, the approach of Celtic Anglian Water’s (CAW) diverse engineering team will be one of consistent excellence.

Using accredited management systems and with a proven commitment and track record in safety and sustainability, we deliver innovative engineering that delivers maximum benefit for our customers, whether the project input and scope is discreet and limited, or extensive and ongoing.


Irrespective of the scale and nature of your project you can have confidence in our people and processes, knowing that we will design the right solution for your needs.

Our design team has the breadth and depth of experience to deliver smarter solutions for dealing with complex waste streams across diverse sectors and the most complex water and wastewater treatment challenges.


CAW has unparalleled expertise in operating some of the most advanced Wastewater and Biosolids treatment technologies in the field. Our breadth of experience, working with diverse, industry leading technologies means we can be technology agnostic when designing solutions to meet each and every customers’ specific needs.

CAW recently retrofitted and currently operates one of the largest, most advanced Nereda Activated Granular Sludge (AGS) aerobic secondary treatment plants in Europe. The Nereda AGS innovative global technology increases treatment capacity per unit of volume and greatly improves nutrient removal efficiency for our client. Additionally, Nereda ultra-filtration create a clean water source from treated effluent.

A focus on the recovery of energy and nutrients underpins our sludge operations. Over the last 15 years the CAW Design Team has gained in-depth operational and design experience of the CAMBI Thermal Hydrolysis technology. Advanced biosolids pre-treatment (CAMBI) conditions the removed biosolids for high rate digestion and high biogas yields. Combined heat and power recovers heat and electrical energy from the digested biosolids and thermal drying creates an odourless, safe nutrient rich fertiliser.

The cutting-edge processes we operate maximise treatment and the recovery of valuable renewables from the treated wastewater and biosolids. The technologies we offer increase the circular economics of our client’s operations, maximising treatment and recovery through every step of wastewater treatment.