Waterford Wastewater Treatment Works

Waterford, Ireland

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Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) has been responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Waterford Wastewater Treatment Works since it was commissioned in 2009. Although the Works is located in Gorteens, Co. Kilkenny it receives and treats wastewater from the greater Waterford City catchment area and has the capacity to provide treatment from a population equivalent of 180,000.

Urban Wastewater Treatment

The Works was commissioned in 2009 and provides treatment capacity for a population equivalent of 180,000 from within the urban area of Waterford City and its environs.

Enhancing the Quality of Irelands Waterways

The stages of treatment provided by the Works ensures that the effluent being discharged meets both EU and Irish Discharge Standards and contributes to the improvement of the water quality in the receiving River Suir estuary supporting and sustaining both the aquatic life and the recreational amenity of river and estuary.

Environmentally Sustainable

The most technically advanced and innovative technologies are deployed at the Waterford Works to convert the sludge by-products into both renewable energy and an agricultural fertiliser.

The treatment of the Sludge by-products both produces a biogas which is used for energy generation and also produces a Class A BioSolids organic nutrient rich fertiliser which is recycled onto agricultural lands.