Sligo Water Treatment Plant

Sligo, Ireland

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In 2001, Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) became the first private company to be awarded a contract for the Operation and Maintenance of a Water Treatment Plant in the Republic of Ireland. This was followed in April 2016 by the awarding of a Design, Build and Operate Contract by Irish Water to CAW for the upgrade of the  existing Works to ensure that the production of 550 m3/h (11000m3/20-hour day) of treated water  complies with the European Drinking Water Regulations and with Drinking Water Regulations, S.I. NO. 122 of 2014.

The Foxes Den plant treats water extracted from the nearby Lough Gill and provides up to 11 million litres per day of safe drinking water to the population and businesses of the town of Sligo and its environs.

Sustaining and Supporting Public Health

Clean, safe water is the first line of defence for public health, keeping our communities healthy and thriving.

CAW takes every precaution in the Operation of the Foxes Den Water Treatment Works to ensure that the water supplied is of the highest quality and meets the standards of the EU Drinking Water Directive so that the water going into supply does not pose any threat to Public Health.

Water for Life and Sustainable Development

Beyond meeting basic human and public health needs, the water being treated and supplied from the Foxes Den Water Treatment Works plays a critical role in supporting sustainable development within the Sligo area, supplying clean and safe water to both agriculture and the many industrial and commercial business in the region.