Ringsend Sludge Stream Expansion

Dublin, Ireland

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Celtic Anglian Water (CAW) has been both the Interim and Full Time Operator at the Ringsend WwTW since 1999, assuming the role of Full Time Operator in 2003.

Whilst the initial design of the Works was to provide full treatment for a PE of 1.64m the Works has, on a regular basis, been overloaded and has had to treat loads equivalent to 1.8m PE.  As a result of the increase in plant loading over the years since 2003, CAW, as the Operator of the Works, has delivered, on a design, supply, installation and commissioning basis, c.€53m of capital works improvements, the most significant element of which was the Sludge Stream Expansion Project.

Sludge Stream Expansion Project

The Sludge Stream Expansion Project was procured by Irish Water (Dublin City Council) to provide an increase in the capacity of the existing sludge treatment facilities to treat the additional sludges that were being generated from the increase in load through the Works, an increase of c.180,000PE.

CAW, as the Works Operator, was employed by Irish Water to deliver an extension to the Sludge Plant which incorporated a new third stream of the CAMBI THP Sludge Plant. The scope of work for this extension included the provision of:

  • 3 No. Additional SAS Drum Thickeners with associated plant.
  • 1 No. Additional sludge thickening centrifuge with associated plant.
  • 1 No. Third stream of CAMBI THP Plant.
  • 1 No. Additional Digester Tank of 4,500m3 capacity,
  • 4 No. Digester sludge cooling / recirculation systems.
  • Associated instrumentation, electrical cabling, SCADA control and MCC’s

The net effect is that the throughput of the existing sludge processing plant was increased by 60% allowing the THP Plant to treat up to 120 tonnes DS/day.

The Project was delivered, by CAW, on a design, build, supply, installation and commissioning basis at a capital cost of €19m and was delivered by a Project Team, led by a CAW Project Manager, and included CAW Project Engineer(s), Designers, On-Site Manager(s), Supervisory Staff and Commissioning Engineers.