Nottinghamshire, UK

“Alpheus provides an efficient, valuable service to Eurotech Environmental. There is always an experienced member of staff available on the end of a phone to answer queries and provide advice. The processing of the waste on site is done quickly enabling our trucks to keep moving with minimal disruption to our tight schedules.” – Chris Banks Managing Director

The Background

Since 1991 Eurotech Environmental has been providing cost-effective waste management solutions to all types of industrial and commercial customers such as Network Rail, Balfour Beatty, Nottinghamshire Police and HM Prison Service. Specialising in the transport of liquid waste, their services also include emptying septic tanks and sewage treatment plants for domestic householders.

Based in Nottinghamshire, Eurotech operates a fleet of vacuum tankers ranging in capacity from 2,000 gallons to 25 tonnes including a unit fitted with high-pressure jetting equipment for tank, drain and pump chamber cleaning.

The Service

We provide a liquid waste treatment service for Eurotech that includes treatment of a wide variety of wastes such as: ink; paint; aircraft washings; food washings; leachate; interceptor waste; contaminated sewage; bund waste and contaminated ground waters.

The Implementation

We deliver a range of services to Eurotech, including free analysis for most new wastes to ascertain suitability for treatment at its sites and free advice on legislation issues. On site there is a quick turnaround time for the tankers, which is imperative to transport efficiency and ensures cost savings.

Our knowledgeable, friendly team of office staff delivers a helpful and efficient new-enquiry processing and booking service. The pricing structure we use is such that waste treatment costs are provided upfront, unlike some facilities where charges are variable and prices are not confirmed until arrival on site. This enables Eurotech to provide accurate quotations to its clients, improving their customer service.

The Outcomes

Through its highly experienced, efficient and tailored service, we have helped Eurotech achieve operational efficiency, cost savings and environmental compliance and thus maintain its already strong position in the waste services industry.