Water Metering

Conservation of Water

The installation of water meters is one of the most effective ways to conserve water and underpins the application of the "polluter pays" principle, including Article 9 of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Customer Base

CAW can provide a full range of water metering services from pre-installations surveys, data collection meter installation and maintenance, meter reading, billing and revenue collection for non-domestic customers.

Customers range from trade and industry, and businesses covering agriculture, tourism and hospitality, educational and sports facilities, hospitals, and other community services

CAW provides surveying, data collection and data management processing services using  technology and equipment which is constantly been updated to take advantage of the latest mobile devices and cloud based data services together with CAW’s own in-house software development. The technology used to provide the Meter Reading Service uses Trimble Handheld GPS units and Fast Map routing software with custom import format to provide the necessary information for the customer billing database

Customer services

As part of the water metering services, CAW can also set up and manage Customer Service Centres. We ensure that our staff are customer focused and able to deal with the range of queries received. The Customer Service Centres can deal with customer telephone calls and queries relating to the billing/revenue collection service being provided, as well as managing the postage and distribution of customer bills and the processing of payments